Saudi Arabia INTERVIEW IN INDIA 01st Week of April 2011 (chennai)

JOB IN Harsco METALS, Saudi Arabia  (Harsco provides specialized solutions in Resource Recovery, Logistics and Product Quality for the global metals industry)  INTERVIEW IN INDIA  01st Week of April 2011 ( Mumbai , Baroda , chennai, and Jamshedpur)

About Harsco Metal

Solving Metals industry Challenges
Harsco provides specialized solutions in Resource Recovery, Logistics and Product Quality for the global metals industry. With operations at more than 160 locations in over 30 countries, Harsco follows the footprint of the metals industry across the globe. This has helped us gain unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge, reflecting best operating practice worldwide.

Our long term approach to customer relationships is underpinned by our belief that safety is paramount and our aim is to create an injury-free workplace. Harsco is also engaged in a systematic process of continous improvement of our operations along ‘Lean’ principles, seeking out cost-efficiencies throughout the entire life of the customer relationship.

Collaborative Innovation
Harsco develops innovative solutions to meet the challenges faced by the Metals industry, by working closely with customers in an open dialogue to understand their business. Innovation is nothing new for Harsco, as we have more than 400 patents registered in 30 countries.

Modern research, development and technological innovation are based on networking. Most of the technological solutions needed to satisfy today’s challenges are already developed and available elsewhere. Adaptability is more important than invention. Fast deployment and continuous renewal are more relevant than intellectual property alone. The old model of innovation was limited to our own R&D budget. Today, the internet offers greater opportunities to collaborate and source new ideas or technologies from around the world. All this can be achieved while maintaining customer confidentiality.

Harsco’s added value
So what is Harsco’s role in this context? First of all, we bring our own long experience and extensive understanding of the Metals industry. In addition, we collaborate with our globally-connected innovation network to find process technologies and operating practices that deliver the best available solutions to our customers.

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